• 04 Oct, 2023

An evening of eats, entertainment and education

An evening of eats, entertainment and education

An evening of eats, entertainment and education INVITATION to join us THIS SUNDAY for the 129th weekly ICC ZOOM Public Event.

Please join us THIS SUNDAY for the 129th weekly ICC ZOOM Public Event, November 20, 2022 at (1.00 p.m. Belize), (2.00 p.m. New York/Eastern time), (3.00 p.m. Trinidad/Atlantic time), (3.00 p.m. Guyana), (4.00 p.m. Suriname), (7.00 p.m. England), (9.00 p.m. South Africa), (Sun 12 midnight, India, ND), (Mon 7.00 a.m. Fiji).  



An evening of eats, entertainment and education: 

10 types of roti off a taawah on the chulha


See LIVE via ZOOM a variety of rotis and taalkarees [flat bread and cooked vegetables] being cooked and served. Learn how to cook roti on a chulha [earthen fireside], hear soothing Indian music, and enjoy dances and other performances by local artistes. View kitchen artifacts on display, learn from the elders present about how they used them, and hear more Hindi words relating to Indian food and cooking.  


Types of roti to made and served to already-registered guests [reservations closed]: Turmeric sada, Corn sada, Cassava sada, Multigrain sada, Pepper roti, Coconut roti, Chataigne puri, Pineapple puri, Channa puri, Pigeon peas puri, and Savoury coconut puri. The roti comes with a choice of three (3) types of taalkaree: Mixed bhagi, Green fig with pigeon peas, Curried chataigne, Mango, Blackeyed peas and seim, Eddoes choka, Tomato and baigan choka, and Caraille choka. Health drinks to be sampled include Lemongrass, Wild Caraille, Mauby, and Milk-free jackfruit [katahar]. Condiments and drinks will be on sale.  


Karen's Fireside Foods is well known for its  delicious, traditional, mouth-watering menu with creative blends that are original and unique. All the ingredients are organic, and most of the food crops are grown in Karen’s garden. Dine with family members as well as old and new friends. Relish the natural ambiance and traditional flavours, and indulge your senses with aromas and the earthiness of yesteryear.   


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